Terms & Conditions                      (valid from December 5th 2020)



1.1. By booking a course with Word Parlour you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

1.2. Booking a course with us means that you enter a contract.

1.3. If the minimum number of students in a group course is not reached, Word Parlour reserves the right to slightly adjust the timetable. If you do not want to accept the suggested alternative, any payments already made will be promptly refunded. 


2. Registering 

Registering to any of our courses is binding -  you are officially entering a contract.                                

Invoices must be paid by the date stated on the invoice. 


 3. Refund and cancellation policy   


3.1. Regular Group Courses 

- cancellations must be delivered in written form

- cancellations made up to 7 days before course start: full refund

- cancellations made from 0-7 days before course start: non- refundable, but you do have

the right to participate in the course at a later date.


3.2. Flexible Group Classes

- cancellations made from 0-7 days before course starts are non-refundable, but you do have                 

the right to participate in the course at a later date


3.3 Private Classes


3.4 German Writing Course



3.5 Webinars 

4. Exam preparation 

Word Parlour does not guarantee passing exams.


5. Internet connection

Word Parlour will not be held responsible for any poor internet connection or loss of contact with clients/host during live session.

6. Statements of participation

Any statements of participation awarded to our clients are not official certificates but do confirm the                 clients level of language in accordance with the European Common Framework of Languages. 

7.  Data Protection 

We take the protection of your data serious and abide by the law of data protection.

Under no circumstances will any personal data be sold or passed on to third parties.

You can find further information regarding data protection in our privacy policy.

*Terms and conditions last updated December 10th 2020.

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