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Hiking in Nature

Learn & Travel

*Due to Covid-19, all trips have been cancelled until further notice.

Learn & travel is a way for you to practise your chosen language in authentic situations. You can participate in excursions, trips and language holidays in various European countriesLearn about the local way of life and explore the culture, history and traditions of multiple regions all while learning new words and phrases. 


Camping & hiking in Ireland

Hike & camp in Irelands 'sunny' south-east and practise your English. Explore the  landscape, learn about the history, exchange with the locals and listen to live music in one of many pubs.


Excursion to the Bernese mountains

Practise your German while taking in the beauty of hiking through the Bernese mountains. Explore the different lakes, rivers and paths in a fun and educational environment and meet other German and Swiss German learners.